Why Plant Dye?

Why Plant Dye?

"Even from very little, I have always been an environmentally conscious person." Ark and Eve, express some of the motivations that drive their sustainably minded children's clothing label.

When I think about the children's clothes we create at Ark and Eve it is impossible to ignore their inevitable end. You can’t help but wonder where they will go after years of wear, and play, shared between sisters and brothers and littler cousins. All the tiny seeds intentionally collected and cherished in a pocket, or the thousands upon thousands of twirls in a dress. Eventually we grow out, wear out, play out, the clothes we hold most dear to us.

Even from very little I have always been an environmentally conscious person. So many of our little people are. Children are in awe of nature, and the endless beauty and excitement it offers them. So it is only natural to me to want to impact on this earth as little as possible in an attempt to preserve what we have for the very people we are dressing so beautifully.


Using natural , biodegradable materials that are plant dyed, not only reduces pollution in waterways during the dyeing process but also safer for the people dyeing the clothes and leaves behind a garment closer to nature that is easier to breakdown.
Plant dyeing is no newfound process. It has been used for thousands of years and gives each garment an old-world feel. Like our environment it is variable and requires a gentler approach when caring for your clothing. This process fosters a sustainable mindset and awareness of our impact on the natural world.


Some simple ways these values filter into our earth conscious household.

  • We repair what we wear. Fixing small holes and split seams that inevitably occur with very active children means getting more out of our clothes and buying less. If you aren’t a sewer you can take your clothes to a local seamstress who can repair loved items for a small cost. And what a great way to support small and local businesses.



  • Shop gender nuetral. Having a boy and a girl can mean twice as many clothes but with a little thought we get the most out of a lot of our purchase when we buy colours and styles that suite both our children.


  • Four words we think about on a daily basis are Reduce, Reuse, Reject, Recycle. Reduce what we buy, reuse what we have, reject what we don’t need and recycle what we can.





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